my hope for a better life…

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I often hear other parents excusing their decisions because “[they] survived.” It’s a way of justifying their decisions. They were spanked as children and they survived. They rode around in the car sans carseats and they survived. If it was good enough for them, then it’s good enough for their children.

I want more for my children than for them merely to survive to adulthood. Just a few generations ago, if you asked parents what they wanted for their children, the most popular answer would have been “a better life.” Back then parents were working hard and striving to give their children a better life than they had. They wanted more for their children.

I’m not a perfect person or a perfect parent, although I am constantly working on both. I hope that just as we learned from the mistakes of our parents, our children will learn from our mistakes. I hope that they will grow up with a better understanding and respect of others, and that they, in turn, will be better parents. I hope they carry less baggage into their adult lives than we did. I hope that they are growing up secure in who they are and that they feel fully and unconditionally loved. I hope they have a better life.


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